5 drawer dresser top box drawings

I was asked about “plans” for this box which I recently posted on the Box Builders FB group. I have posted those under the download tab above, or CLICK HERE, then click on “amish scan” to see the drawings. Please note that these are dimensional drawings only, not complete information on the build process.

Build a Jewelry Box on YouTube, Part 1

I often get asked How-to” questions from my woodworking friends and acquaintances. So I thought I would try to put together some information to share. This is my first attempt, so take it with that understanding in mind. If you find it useful, let me know as I am planning on continuing. If you have suggestions or questions, let me know as well. My objective is not to tell you THE way, but just one of MY ways that might come in handy. If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to access the video on YouTube.

Best of Show

This piece took best of show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art member’s show a few years ago. I’ve had requests to build several more since then. The woods are Tiger Maple and Ziricote.

Music Stand for my Granddaughter

My granddaughter Jessica is an outstanding violinist. So a while ago I thought I’d try to build her a music stand. this is the end result. It’s primary wood is Ribbon Sapele. The hardware came from my supply of jig and fixture parts.


Modified drawer front profile

For years I had a full miter on box drawer fronts. The objective was to have a relatively seamless transition from front to box side. The downside, was that it was so easy to damage that sharp edge, and if damaged, next to impossible to repair. So now I have modified the fit between drawer and side, but putting an approximately 1/8″ x 1/8″ flat on the drawer ends.   I first create the flat on the box side, using a mortising bit. Need to sneak up on it as any incursion on the box body above or below the drawer will show in the finished piece. I tend to clean out the last 1/32″ or so with a chisel. The drawer profile is done with a modified Whiteside chamfer bit that has the bearing removed. (I had this modification done by Whiteside).  I sneak up on the final depth of cut to ensure a good fit. The finished edge is not very noticeable and the drawer is no longer subject to edge damage.


Original sharp-edged drawer profile

Box side flat created with a mortising bit

Edge profiled with the modified chamfer bit

Finished drawer to side interface

Proposed modification and bit that was modified