Louis Cube Lidded Box

Sat in on a class at the Milwaukee Woodworking Show presented by Marc Adams. He showed a number of veneering techniques, including Louis cubes, so I had to give it a try. Not perfect, but lots of fun. Something he recommended, which I have not yet tried, is to replace regular veneer tape for the face surface, with ShurTape CP-28. Supposedly, it is “tender” enough to withstand the pressure of the glue up process and will remove easily with out leaving a residue. This would eliminate introducing water into a veneer assembly which can be problematic. He did say that it was hard to find in small quantities. I called the manufacturer, and they were of little help. Then I found it, where else, on Amazon. So I will be trying that on my next project and see how it works.

louis cube closed louis cube open louis cube top