5 drawer dresser top box drawings

I was asked about “plans” for this box which I recently posted on the Box Builders FB group. I have posted those under the download tab above, or CLICK HERE, then click on “amish scan” to see the drawings. Please note that these are dimensional drawings only, not complete information on the build process.

Build a Jewelry Box on YouTube, Part 1

I often get asked How-to” questions from my woodworking friends and acquaintances. So I thought I would try to put together some information to share. This is my first attempt, so take it with that understanding in mind. If you find it useful, let me know as I am planning on continuing. If you have suggestions or questions, let me know as well. My objective is not to tell you THE way, but just one of MY ways that might come in handy. If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to access the video on YouTube.

Louis Cube Lidded Box

Sat in on a class at the Milwaukee Woodworking Show presented by Marc Adams. He showed a number of veneering techniques, including Louis cubes, so I had to give it a try. Not perfect, but lots of fun. Something he recommended, which I have not yet tried, is to replace regular veneer tape for the face surface, with ShurTape CP-28. Supposedly, it is “tender” enough to withstand the pressure of the glue up process and will remove easily with out leaving a residue. This would eliminate introducing water into a veneer assembly which can be problematic. He did say that it was hard to find in small quantities. I called the manufacturer, and they were of little help. Then I found it, where else, on Amazon. So I will be trying that on my next project and see how it works.

louis cube closed louis cube open louis cube top