A Workshop With Living Quarters

That’s what my wife says about our home in Wisconsin. It’s not really that bad, but after 20 years in Illinois, living in a nice 2-story colonial with a small workshop, there is some truth in there also. Living quarters were downsized a bit, and the shop space quadrupled!

After many years of the typical DIY woodworking around the house including three home additions, I wanted to continue working with wood, but in a more fun, creative way. Along came boxes. The smaller scale of boxes allows one to experiment with premium and exotic (read “expensive”) woods without going broke quickly But after completing several dozen, then what? Market them, and that’s what I been doing since 2001. Through 12 years of outdoor art fairs, the web and a small gallery in our home town. I have now built over 3,500 boxes. Of course, I am still learning, challenged both by the many techniques I yet want to develop, and woods I want to try, but even more by the unique ideas and requests from my clients.